Haw Sisters Throw Their Names into the Dusi Hat Canoe Marathon

Sister pair Bianca (front) and Tamika (back) Haw used the recent 50 Miler to dust off the cobwebs as they prepare for an assault on the 2020 Dusi Canoe Marathon.

Having raced onto the podium in a K2 in their U23 days, the Haw Sisters, Tamika and Bianca have decided to turn up for the 2020 Dusi Canoe Marathon beginning on February 27th.

It’s not the first time the Dusi Marathon saw an all-sister pair win; back in 2018 sisters Jordan and Cana Peek dominated the majority of the race to take the title. The Haw’s, who finished third in 2014, hope to channel that sibling success in 2020.

The two don’t anticipate any sibling rivalry getting in their way. In fact, Tamika said there is deeper understanding there when paddling with a sibling. “When I paddle with Yankee (Bianca) I know I can say what I want and if there is a disagreement, then it is resolved quickly. We might have an argument but it ends there and we apologize and carry on,” she explained.

The Haw’s have a track record that puts them well in the running. Tamika Haw finished second in the 2019 K1 Dusi to Christie Mackenzie in the closest finish to the women’s race in Dusi history. Bianca is a former junior K1 champion which ensures that the combination has a very strong Dusi pedigree.

“We have been training together a lot over the holiday period but we sit well in a boat together so I am not too worried about the amount of time we get in a boat together. Running will be our strength and Yankee (Bianca) has just done the SkyRun so she will be pushing me!” Said Tamika.

The younger Haw sister Bianca has been out of paddling for a number of years due to her professional mountain biking career, however now that she is riding less it has given her a chance to focus on Dusi again.

“Even though it has been six years since Bianca last raced Dusi, she’ll drive the boat because I think that she is more decisive than I am and takes a few more risks which we might need to do this year,” said Tamika.

The sisters took on the 50 Miler where they shook off the cobwebs and they will focus on the popular Campbell’s to Dusi Bridge race to give them some valuable time on the river ahead of the showdown at the end of February.

Tamika’s former teammate, Mackenzie, will team up with 2018 winner Cana Peek and provide a significant threat to the Haw sisters.

The 2020 Dusi Canoe Marathon takes place February 27 to 29th.

Entry details and more information can be found at www.dusi.co.za