Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation Announces New Name: Riversport Foundation


The Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation has announced a name change and new logo for the nonprofit organization. Effective earlier this month, the Foundation will be known as RIVERSPORT Foundation.

“This is our 15th year as an organization,” said Mike Knopp, executive director. “We’ve grown and changed tremendously since 2005 when we began with a dock, a shipping container for rowing shells, and a plan to build a boathouse.”

Over the years, the Foundation has developed the $100M+ plus Boathouse District which includes several boathouses, a Finish Line Tower, Oklahoma City’s whitewater rafting and kayaking center, and outdoor urban adventure experiences such as ropes courses, zip lines, high speed slides and a bike park.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve seen the impact we’re having on Oklahoma City as a whole,” Knopp said. “In many ways, we’ve helped redefine how the world sees our city.”

The Foundation has also expanded its program offerings to include rowing, kayaking, whitewater rafting and kayaking, dragon boating and sailing on both the competitive and recreational side.

“We see RIVERSPORT as more of a lifestyle than any single program,” Knopp said. “People who enjoy outdoor sports and recreation find a unique urban experience at RIVERSPORT.”

The organization’s efforts to build outdoor culture were recently recognized by the Outdoor Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the outdoor industry, with a $410,000 Thrive Outside grant. The collective impact grant is allowing RIVERSPORT to partner with nearly a dozen Oklahoma City organizations to “get more kids outside more often.” More than 1,000 underserved youth attended free summer camps last year as a result of the grant.

RIVERSPORT Foundation will be launching a new fundraising initiative later this spring to provide matching funds for the outdoor grant.

“Over the years the Foundation’s role in Oklahoma City, Olympic sports, the outdoor industry and even on the world stage has grown exponentially,” Knopp said.

“While the original name served us well, we believe RIVERSPORT Foundation ties all of our initiatives – adventures, athletics, our Olympic initiatives – together seamlessly and straightforward way. It’s just easier to understand who we are and what we do,” he concluded.