Paddling Life’s Got A New Kayak Shuttle Rig

2019 Nissan NV 4x4

PL Enters Van Life with Some Serious Kayak Shuttle Capacity

With this 2019 Nissan NV Passenger van and it’s seating for 12 paddlers the PL crew is ready to hit the rivers with some serious shuttle capacity. A long list of upgrades are on the horizon but the first major modification was adding 4×4. Nothing’s worse than getting your shuttle stuck in the river after a long day of paddling.  Just ask EJ about the time the RV went for a swim.

This Kayak Shuttle is Equipped with the same 4×4 as Nissan’s Titan XD

Nissan NV 4x4 badging

Installed by the dealer and covered under Nissan warranty. With this 4×4 setup, we’re confident in our off-road platform.

Next-up Shuttle Modifications:

Keep an eye out for the Paddling Life shuttle at your local put-in, river festival, kayak play spot, or outdoor retailer show and come say hello.