Would You Solo Kayak the Gnar? Watch Nouria Newman Test Herself.

Nouria Newman solo kayak trip
Nouria Newman performs in glacial water of a creek at the Nubra Valley in the Himalayas, India on August 21, 2018.

Solo kaying can mean a lot of things. But starting out in the middle of the Himalayas with freezing glacier runoff, Class V rapids, and no support for miles around puts this trip in a class of its own.

Would you push off in your kayak for a solo 7 day trip?

Red Bull athlete Nouria Newman certainly did back in 2018. This video self documents her epic solo kayak trip within the Nubra Valley in the Himalayas, India — one which admittedly changed her life when things went wrong.

“Lucky to be alive”

With carnage and perseverance this video is a testament to the true grit required for a solo kayak expedition. A tip of the hat to Nouria for bringing us along on this truly epic solo kayak journey.